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BitRail Transactions

Reviewing Previous Transactions In Your BitRail Account.

Going back to review your previous BitRail transaction is a breeze. Simply log into your BitRail account: Once you are logged in head to the top bar and click on the Transactions Tab. In your Transactions Tab, notic

Why was I charged a $10.00 fee? ~ Payment FAILED

If you have received a $10.00 fee your payment has failed. Funds have been deducted from your BitRail wallet to pay for this transaction. If you don't currently have funds in your BitRail wallet, your account will show a negative balance, and you'll

Will BitRail report my business sales to the IRS?

All US payment processors, including BitRail, are required to provide information to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about customers who receive payments for the sale of goods and services in excess of $600 in a calendar year. Accordingly, BitR

How to issue a refund using BitRail

A seller can issue a refund to the buyer for a purchase that was paid using BitRail.

How to resolve negative balance in your BitRail account

If you see on your BitRail dashboard that your balance is negative or see a message saying that there is not enough money to cover the transaction, this means that your BitRail account may have become negative. Your FreedomCoin balance could become n

How to cancel a BitRail transaction

You cannot cancel a pending transaction because it has been already submitted for processing. Please wait until it is complete in your BitRail wallet. This can take 1-3 banking days. After you see it complete in your BitRail dashboard, you can do ano

Why did My BitRail Payment Fail?

If you are buying with BitRail and your payment failed or it was not successfully processed for any reason during checkout, please follow these steps:

Your Payment Has Failed

If you received an Email from BitRail saying your payment has failed, this could mean that your BitRail account or bank account had insufficient funds at the time your transaction was processed. This could mean that you currently have a negative bala