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Is there a limit on how much I can send and receive in a single transaction?

There is a limit on the amount you can send and receive in a single transaction using BitRail. Current limits applicable to BitRail accounts are listed in the BitRail User Agreement. Please feel free to contact BitRail customer support with any other

How do I know if I received money?

When you receive money from someone via BitRail, you will receive an email notification. Additionally, you can follow the steps below to see your incoming transactions:.

How to see my transaction history?

You can see all your transactions with BitRail and view your transaction history when you log in to your BitRail Wallet. Once you are logged in, click on Transactions at the top. You can search for transactions based on the following filters by click

How do I dispute a transaction on my account?

If you think your account has a transaction you do not recognize follow these steps:

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