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Phone Number

Why do I need to enter my phone number for BitRail?

BitRail is built based on trusted transactions. We need your mobile phone number to make sure it’s really you. We will send a link to your phone for verification while creating your account. We will use a third party system for this verification proc

Mobile phone does not receive verification text link - troubleshooting steps

If your mobile phone did not receive the verification link and text message during your BitRail sign up or log-in, please check that. If the above do not solve your issue, please contact your mobile phone's customer support or your mobile network ope

What happens if I don't enter my phone number during sign up?

If you do not enter your mobile phone number during sign-up and click "Submit documentation instead", we'll have to manually verify your identity since we can't validate your information through a third party. If you prefer to complete your identity

Mobile phone verification link or text message does not work / Verification link expired during Sign Up or Log In

If you did not receive a text message with a link to verify your mobile phone number during signup, check that you entered the correct mobile phone number. If the mobile phone number is correct and you still do not receive the verification link to yo

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