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What happens if I don't enter my phone number during sign up?Updated 8 months ago

If you do not enter your mobile phone number during sign-up and click "Submit documentation instead", we'll have to manually verify your identity since we can't validate your information through a third party.

If you prefer to complete your identity verification by sending us documentation, read this article for instructions on manual identity verification. 

We highly recommend that you add your mobile phone number to your account for additional security.

Note that even if you did not complete the automated identity verification during your initial sign-up, you may still be able to complete it using our automated process by following these steps:

  • Make sure you are logged out of BitRail
  • Then, Log in again and follow the instructions on the Verify Your Phone Number screen 

If you can successfully complete your identity verification using the automated process, you do not need to send us documentation for manual verification.


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