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Mobile phone does not receive verification text link - troubleshooting stepsUpdated 8 months ago

If your mobile phone did not receive the verification link and text message during your BitRail sign up or log-in, please check that

  • Your mobile phone's software - both the operating system and all the apps - have been updated to the latest version available
  • Your mobile phone can get good signal. If your mobile phone signal is weak, try changing your  location
  • Reboot your mobile phone and try again

If the above do not solve your issue, please contact your mobile phone's customer support or your mobile network operator (MNO) to continue troubleshooting your issue.

If none of the above helped to fix your issue, you can contact BitRail customer support, and provide the following information:

  • Confirm that you have tried all the steps listed above
  • Send us screenshots from your phone of the steps where you get an error 
  • Send us your phone make and model, and the operating system version are you using
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