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Mobile phone verification link or text message does not work / Verification link expired during Sign Up or Log InUpdated 8 months ago

If you did not receive a text message with a link to verify your mobile phone number during signup, check that you entered the correct mobile phone number. If the mobile phone number is correct and you still do not receive the verification link to your phone, follow these steps below.

If you are unable to log in to your account, or cannot log in because the phone verification link keeps showing “verifying”, please try again after a few minutes. Sometimes that can happen due to multiple reasons. For example, slow connection speeds and mobile network operator issues. 

For sign-up-related problems with your phone verification link or text message, follow these steps:

  • Check the recent messages on your phone to see if the message is there
  • If you find the message, click the link to continue your sign up
  • After you click the link, you should see the "Verification Complete" screen. You can close this window and continue the verification
  • NOTE: The link is only valid for 15 minutes. After that, you will have to start the verification process over
  • If the link in your text message has expired we can resend a new link to your mobile phone. Follow these steps to resend the verification text to your mobile phone:
    • Wait for the screen to display: Verification Link Expired
    • Click the Generate New Link button
    • You'll receive a new text message with the verification link to your mobile phone
    • Click the verification link within 15 minutes to complete the process

You can find additional troubleshooting instructions in this support article.

If you cannot complete your sign-up and need assistance, please contact our Customer Support.



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