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How to Sign Up with BitRail

You can sign up for BitRail by heading over to this link NOTE: if you have previously signed up via BitRail, you. Log in to your BitRail Wallet. How to complete manual identity verification. If you completed the above s

Additional Verification Required - BitRail Verification Documents

When you sign up, we attempt to verify your information automatically through a third party. If we are unable to successfully verify your identity automatically, you need to send us documents to complete your identity verification manually. IMPORTANT

A verified address is required to complete transactions

If you see this message on your Dashboard: A verified address is required to complete transactions. Please check your email for more information. It means that we were not able to complete your identity verification using the information you provided

What happens if I don’t complete identity verification process for BitRail

If you do not complete your identity verification process during sign-up, you will not be able to use your account to complete transactions and to buy and sell with BitRail. This process is in place to ensure users’ transactions are safe and secure.

What is the difference between an individual and a business vault type?

There are two different types of vaults. When creating your account, please select individual, unless you are a registered business. If you own a business and want to open a business account, select business. This will allow transactions to be sent t

Can the same bank account be set up by two different users?

Two users can add the same bank account to their account. We recommend one user sets up their BitRail account and adds the bank account before another user tries to add the same bank account. Once the first user is set up and verified, additional use

How to Create BitRail Account

It is easy and free to sign up for a BitRail account by following the steps below.