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How To Login Into Your BitRail Account Using Two Factor Authentication - TFAUpdated 2 months ago

This tutorial will show how to log into your BitRail account using Two Factor Authentication, or TFA.

TFA is commonly used to provide an additional layer of security for your accounts. You will need to complete two-factor authentication (TFA) using your mobile phone to access your BitRail wallet. 

NOTE that the screens may be slightly different depending on the browser you are using and if you are logging in using your computer or only your mobile device. 


Follow the steps below to log in to your BitRail wallet:

  • Log in to your BitRail wallet: 
  • Enter your email and password
  • Go to your text messages on your phone and find our text beginning “To log in to BitRail click:..."
  • Open the text and click the link
  • Click "Continue Authentication" on the screen
  • Wait for the authentication to complete
  • When you see "Authentication Complete" you can close the screen 


I can't log in. The mobile phone verification link is not working. TFA not working

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