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Security & Privacy

Why do I receive BitRail Emails?

BitRail email(s) that you may have received, are meant to be only transactional messages to inform you of the status, transactions, or security related to your BitRail wallet. If you feel that you are receiving an email that is not BitRail transactio

Recognizing BitRail Emails

To protect your personal information and BitRail account from being exposed to fraudulent emails, we have created a guide to identifying official BitRail emails. If you are suspicious of an email please do NOT open the email. Please contact our Custo

Protecting Yourself Against Fraudulent Emails

We protect your personal information by requiring two-factor authentication each time you log in to your BitRail account. You can also protect your personal information by verifying your communications with BitRail are official by following these tip

How to correctly submit KYC proof of identity & address documents - Verification Documents / What to do when my identity verification fails

There are some cases where you need to send us additional documentation to be able to use your BitRail account. One Government Photo ID, and. One Recent Utility Bill or Account Statement. Read the instructions below to see which documents we accept.

Is my information secure?

The below applies to FreedomCoin wallets and BitRail accounts. Safeguarding customer information from unauthorized access and disclosure is a top priority, and we take a security-first approach which is reflected within our products and service offer

Where can I find BitRail User Agreement?

Click here for BitRail User Agreement. Please feel free to contact BitRail customer support with any other questions or concerns.

How does BitRail Protect Your Privacy - Privacy Policy

Click here for BitRail Privacy Policy. Please feel free to contact BitRail customer support with any other questions or concerns.

How to report fraud or suspected fraud?

Consumer Fraud Warning:Consumers are warned to be aware of fraud and potential scams. If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately at 1-855-973-1268 to report fraud or suspected fraud. IMPORTANT: