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Recognizing BitRail EmailsUpdated 7 months ago

To protect your personal information and BitRail account from being exposed to fraudulent emails, we have created a guide to identifying official BitRail emails.

  • Our email notifications include the first name you registered with on your BitRail account, and/or your BitRail Vault Handle.
  • We NEVER include attachments to our emails.
  • BitRail sends notifications or transactional emails regarding your account activity, such as buying or selling an item and support issues. All of your activity can be verified by logging directly into the site and viewing your dashboard at
  • You are always required to log into the site to view any pertinent information, including Buyer/Seller contact information.
  • BitRail emails do not include the name of a third-party agent to accept payment, nor links to third-party services to pay for your item. All transactions require the user to pay a BitRail invoice.
  • BitRail does not send out "second chance" offers.
  • We never ask you for your password, social security, bank, credit card, or other information via email. In the event of a billing problem, we only ask you to confirm your Transaction ID.
  • We never ask you to call a telephone number.
  • We send emails containing links, but all links should begin with HTTP or HTTPS and look like: You should never see a long string of numbers (for example, or % signs in the web address/URL. After clicking a link in an email, you should always verify the web address/URL shown on the web page in your browser is the same as shown in the email.

If you are suspicious of an email please do NOT open the email. 

Please contact our Customer Support team to verify the status of your account or transactions.


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