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Your Bank Verification Has Failed - BitRailUpdated 6 months ago

If you received an Email from BitRail saying your bank verification has failed or that the verification deposit failed, this means that we could not successfully verify your bank account ownership. Please follow the steps below to delete and re-add your bank information.

First, delete your existing bank account in BitRail:

  • Log in to your BitRail account 
  • Move your mouse over your name in the upper right corner
  • Click Bank Accounts
  • Click the bank account that you want to delete
  • Click Remove this account, then confirm by clicking Remove

Next, add your new bank account on the Bank Accounts screen:

  • Click Add New Account
  • Enter your Routing Number, Account Number and verify that they are correct
  • Add name in the Nickname -field
  • Select your Bank Account Type: Checking or Savings
  • Click Add Account 

If your problem persists, please contact our Customer Service team for further assistance.



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