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Why is my BitRail transaction in pending status? / Pending TransactionUpdated 6 months ago

If your transaction status shows "Pending" or "In Process" - it means that the payment is in process and has not been fully processed yet.

Some transactions are completed immediately, and some can take 1-4 banking days (not counting weekends and holidays) depending on the bank(s) involved.

The transaction statuses are updated, if needed, twice daily. You can see the updated status of your transactions in your BitRail wallet.

Transaction status in your BitRail wallet

  • "Pending" transaction means that the payment is in process
  • "Complete" transaction means that the payment has been processed
  • "Failed" transaction means that the payment failed 

We recommend checking that your transaction has been completed before you ship your item to a buyer.

The transaction speed depends on the day, the time of the day, and the banks involved in your transaction. Some transactions are completed the same day, and others may take 1-4 banking days, not counting weekends and holidays.

If you still need help, please contact our Customer Support Team.


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