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How to Add Bank Account to BitRailUpdated 18 days ago

You need to add your bank account to your BitRail Wallet before you can buy or sell with BitRail.

Follow these steps to add your bank account to BitRail:

  • Log in to your BitRail account
  • From the BitRail Dashboard, click Add bank account to fulfill your balance
    • Alternatively, you can click your name at the top right-hand corner, and select Bank Accounts. Then click Add New Account
  • On the Add Bank Account screen:
    • select your bank account type: Checking or Savings
    • select your bank account class: Individual or Business
    • enter your routing number, account number, and account name

After you have created your new bank account, we need to verify your bank account ownership. Note that it can take 1-3 business days before you will see the verification deposits on your bank account depending on your bank. See this article for details. 

Note that the bank account that you just added to BitRail shows "Not Verified" until you complete the account ownership verification as described in the above article. 

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