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Why do I need to enter the last four digits of my social security number?Updated 5 months ago

In order for BitRail to provide a trusted and secure platform for your transactions, we must verify the identity of all users. When you create your account, we attempt to verify your information through a third party. Entering the last four of your SSN is part of this process. If we are unable to complete successful verification, you will need to be manually verified to continue setting up your account.

See this article for details on manual identity verification.

Alternatively, even if you did not complete the automated identity verification during your initial sign-up for BitRail, you may still be able to complete it using our automated process. Make sure you are logged out of BitRail, and then Log in again and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: if you can successfully complete your identity verification using the automated process, you do not need to send us documentation for manual verification.


Please feel free to contact BitRail customer support with any other questions or concerns.

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