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Where is my BitRail USD Account?Updated 6 months ago

We have listened to our users' feedback and made important improvements to your BitRail wallet. 

Starting April 04, 2022, BitRail is moving to a fully FreedomCoin-based digital payment system powered by BitRail. This means that you will see only one account called "FreedomCoin Account" in your BitRail wallet. There will no longer be a separate "USD Account" section in your BitRail dashboard.

This change brings several benefits to our users:

  • It will simplify your BitRail dashboard to one account called "FreedomCoin" which makes the user interface easier to use.
  • There is no longer a need to transfer funds between your USD and FreedomCoin accounts. This means that you can transact faster when you buy and sell with FreedomCoin.
  • This will enable FreedomCoin to continue offering the great low transaction fee that you are enjoying today, and keep more of what you make, for each transaction paid with BitRail.

Is my account balance or funds impacted? 

  • No. Your overall FreedomCoin balance will remain unchanged.
  • Any existing USD funds you may have will be automatically exchanged to FreedomCoin
  • One USD in your FreedomCoin wallet corresponds to one FreedomCoin, so you will see no change in the total account value.  
  • Any funds that you may have in your USD account at the time of this change, will be automatically transferred, in full, to your FreedomCoin account. 

Do I need to do something? 

  • No. There is nothing you need to do.
  • All your FreedomCoin account features will continue to operate the same way as before this change.
  • BitRail purchases are made in FreedomCoins and they will be automatically exchanged with USD at the time of the transaction.

How will the transactions work after the change? 

  • BitRail transactions continue to be easy to use and we will do the hard lifting for you. 
  • Likewise, any transfers you will make in/out of your BitRail wallet will be denominated in FreedomCoin, but will be exchanged for USD when they are sent to/from your bank.


We’re here to help. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change or your FreedomCoin account, open a support ticket or send an email to our Customer Support.


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