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What is FreedomCoin & BitRail Digital WalletUpdated 3 months ago

Unfortunately, and BitRail currently do not have a contract to provide payment services at this time.We realize that many of you have enjoyed the efficiency and speed of FreedomCoin and the BitRail platform. We remain hopeful that will renew their contract soon and reinstate FreedomCoin on their websites. Until then, we want to assure you that your funds are safe.

BitRail continues to operate as usual. If you have any funds either pending / in the process from a recent transaction, or stored in your BitRail account, you can either keep them stored in our secure platform, or transfer them to your linked bank account.We recommend that you keep your account with us active to take advantage of BitRail’s digital payment services and other great benefits that our platform offers. To ensure you keep receiving all the great discounts and benefits, please add to your email address book.

If you have additional questions, please direct them to the customer service team at [email protected]


What is FreedomCoin and BitRail Digital Wallet

FreedomCoin and BitRail Digital Wallet is a regulated digital payment method powered by BitRail. It enables sellers to offer inexpensive, convenient, and secure payment methods for their buyers. Sellers can accept payments without the high fees of credit card companies or the delays of mailed paper payments.

Also, FreedomCoin and BitRail Digital Wallet allow buyers — for the first time — to have access to a regulated digital payment option with impressive ease-of-use, and earn rewards when purchasing their favorite gear. With FreedomCoin, buyers can send secure payments for firearms and all other items on without the hassle of having to get checks or money orders.

FreedomCoin and BitRail Digital Wallet Definitions:

  • BitRail is the payment method you use, like your credit card
  • FreedomCoin is the currency you use, like a dollar
  • BitRail Digital Wallet is where you store your FreedomCoins

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